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Lift truck crashes into building

An aerial-lift truck crashed into a commercial building February 26, 2024, in Wendell, Idaho. The driver of the truck, a 51-year-old man from Jerome, Idaho, experienced a medical emergency and was pronounced dead at the scene. A passenger in the truck did not require hospitalization, according to a report.

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Worker killed in struck-by

An aerial-lift operator was killed when a branch struck the boom of the lift, causing him to fall out of the lift and to the ground February 26, 2024, in Escambia County, Florida. The 59-year-old man was part of a county crew clearing trees when the incident occurred. A preliminary investigation indicated that the victim […]

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Tractor operator killed clearing trees

A worker was killed while using a tractor to clear trees February 24, 2024, in Stanislau County, California. The man was operating the tractor when he became trapped between the tractor and a tree, or beneath the tractor tire. He was working for a tree-removal company at the time of the incident, according to an […]

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Handyman electrocuted

A man was killed when he hit power lines while trimming trees February 24, 2024, in Arlington, Florida. The man, who was reported to be in his 30s or 40s, was a handyman helping out with tree work in the area. He was trimming trees approximately 50 feet up when he hit a power line, […]

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Man injured in fall

A man was injured when he fell from a ladder February 21, 2024, in Jacksonville, Illinois. The man was standing on a ladder cutting branches when he fell. The man was taken to the hospital, but the extent of his injuries was unknown, according to a My Journal Courier report.

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