Climber seriously injured in 50-foot fall with limb

A climber was seriously injured on March 28, 2021, in Porter County, Indiana, when the limb he was tied to broke and he fell about 50 feet to the ground.

Joshua Stone, of Porter County, was helping a friend on a side job with the removal of a 60-foot walnut tree. Stone, who has been climbing for nine years, tied in at about 50 feet and started cutting limbs when the branch he was tied into snapped and he fell, landing onto asphalt.

His wife, Kristin, says in a web post that she ran to him, that he was in shock, his mouth filled with blood and he mumbled the words, “Call someone, anyone. I can’t move my legs.”

Local paramedics arrived within 10 minutes of his accident and took him to a local hospital. X-rays revealed he’d broken his left leg, left ankle and left foot, his right leg and right foot, two vertebrae in his lower back (T-12 and L-1) and two ribs.

He was taken to the University of Chicago where he went through three surgeries, during which multiple pins and rods were inserted to align his bones so they can heal properly.

Stone will be in a wheelchair until sometime in late June, and in early July 2021 he will be able to put weight on his legs and feet and begin to learn how to walk again. Stone and his wife have three daughters to take care of and have no insurance and no income. Fundraisers are set up at both and a cash app, according to the report posted on

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